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Welcome to the CCN

Penn's Center for Cognitive Neuroscience is a multidisciplinary community dedicated to understanding the neural bases of human thought. Our current research addresses the central problems of cognitive neuroscience, including perception, attention, learning, memory, language, decision-making, emotion and development.

Our methods are equally diverse, and include functional neuroimaging, behavioral testing of neurological and psychiatric patients, transcranial and direct current magnetic stimulation, scalp-recorded event-related potentials, intracranial recording, computational modeling, candidate gene studies and pharmacologic manipulations of cognitive processes.

The 2016-2017 Interdisciplinary Seminar Series is here! click here to see our upcoming speakers.

This web site will introduce you to the people, events, and educational programs of the CCN. Browse on!

Center for Cognitiver Neuroscience
University of Pennsylvania

Last Modified: 15 September, 2014


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