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Penn students interested in Cognitive Neuroscience now have a variety of courses and programs to choose from, and these choices will expand further in the coming year.

At the undergraduate level, Penn now offers two courses that introduce students to the field, and a number of upper level courses in cognitive neuroscience. Undergraduate research opportunities are available in many different labs around campus. Students can focus their undergraduate studies on cognitive neuroscience either formally, through the Cognitive Neuroscience track of the Cognitive Science major, or informally, through the Biological Bases of Behavior or Psychology majors. To learn more about undergraduate programs, click here.

At the graduate level, students can enroll for doctoral study in Cognitive Neuroscience through either the Psychology or Neuroscience Graduate Groups. Course offerings at the graduate level are expanding. To see the current list of courses, and those planned for next year, as well as links to the Psychology, Neuroscience, and MD-PhD graduate programs, click here.

Medical students interested in Cognitive Neuroscience should consult the Cognitive Neurology web page (coming soon!).

Noncredit workshops, seminars and lectures on Cognitive Neuroscience are listed under News & Events.


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