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CCN Talk Series

The speaker schedule for the 2014-2015 academic year is here!

If you would like to request a specific external speaker, please contact Russell Epstein

September 15, 2014
Professional Development Workshop 1: Applying to Graduate School (for RAs and Undergrads)

September 22, 2014
Maria Geffen (PSOM Dept. of Otorhinolaryngology)

September 29, 2014
Elizabeth Karuza(Thompson-Schill Lab)

October 13, 2014
Nora Newcombe, Temple University (on sabbatical at CCN this year)

October 20, 2014 
Professional Development Workshop 2: Finding and funding a post-doctoral fellowship (moderator, Dani Bassett)

October 27, 2014
Chandra Sripada, Michigan (host: Dani Bassett)

November 10, 2014
Chia-jung Tsay (Visiting Faculty, Wharton)

November 17, 2014
Professional Development Workshop 3: Negotiation (moderator, Emily Falk)

November 24, 2014
Catherine Norris, Swarthmore (host: Russell Epstein)

December 8, 2014
Manuel Spitschan (Aguirre Lab)

January 12, 2015
John Medaglia (Bassett Lab)

January 19, 2015
Professional Development Workshop 4: Non-academic jobs (moderator, Joe Kable)

January 26, 2015
Alex Todorov, Princeton (host: Sharon Thompson-Schill)

February 9, 2015
Yaoda Xu, Harvard (host: Russell Epstein)

February 16, 2015
Professional Development Workshop 5: Teaching undergraduates (moderator, Adrian Raine)

February 23, 2015
Hengyi Rao, University of Pennsylvania

March 9, 2015
Jason Coronel (Falk Lab)

March 16, 2015
Professional Development Workshop 6: Writing (and getting) an NIH research grant (moderator: Anjan Chatterjee)

March 23, 2015
Jamil Zaki, Stanford (host: Emily Falk)

March 30, 2015
Betty Kim (Kable Lab)

April 13, 2015
Christine Boylan (Thompson-Schill Lab)

April 20, 2015
Professional Development Workshop 7: Secret lives of faculty (moderator, John Detre)

April 27, 2015
Per Sederberg, Ohio State (host: Mike Kahana)

May 11, 2015
Maria Olkkonen (Epstein Lab)

















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