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Affiliated Faculty Research Interests

  • Ted Abel, Assistant Professor of Biology
    abele[at], Web Page
    Research interests: Molecular mechanisms of memory storage; genetic approaches to studying behavior; small animal imaging techniques.

  • Gary Aston-Jones, Professor of Psychiatry
    gaj[at], Web Page
    Research interests: The role of neuromodulatory brain systems in cognitive processing. Single unit recordings in behaving monkeys; neuroanatomy. Attention, emmroy, drug abuse and sleep.

  • Benjamin Backus, Assistant Professor of Psychology
    backus[at], Web Page
    Research interests: Visual perception of spatial layout, stereoscopic vision in humans using psychophysics, fMRI and evoked potential techniques.

  • Wade Berrettini,Karl E. Rickels Professor of Psychiatry; Director, Center for Neurobiology and Behavior
    Research interests: Genetics and pharmacogenetics of complex CNS diseases, including epilepsy, addictions and bipolar disorder.

  • David Brainard, Professor of Psychology
    brainard[at], Web Page
    Research interests: Color vision and its neural mechanisms, with particular emphasis on color constancy. Techniques include fMRI, psychophysics, and single unit recording (in collaboration).

  • Edward Brodkin,Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
    ebrodkin[at], Web Page
    Research interests: Neurobiology of social cognition and social/emotional behaviors, including aggression, social approach-avoidance, and affiliative behaviors, studied using genetic analysis in mouse models and humans.

  • Laurel Buxbaum, Research Associate Professor, Thomas Jefferson University; Research Scientist, Moss Rehabilitation Institute
    lbuxbaum[at], Web Page
    Research interests: Cognitive neuropsychology of perception and action. Studies of the nature and format of neurocognitive mechanisms subserving reaching, spatial attention, object knowledge and complex action, in participants with fronto-parietal syndromes (e,g. Spatial neglect, apraxia).

  • Elizabeth Camp, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
    campe[at], Web Page
    Research interests: Non-propositional mental states and their expression, especially aspectual perception and thought (seeing a cloud as an elephant, thinking of Juliet as the sun), metaphor, fiction, and sarcasm.

  • Anna-Rose Childress, Research Associate Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry
    Research interests: Brain substitutes of addiction and relapse vulnerability, with a particular focus on cue-induced craving for drugs and abuse and natural rewards (sex, food). Recent emphasis has been on frontal inhibitory modulation of the downstream limbic activation of cues, and defects in this modulation, as an important source of addiction/relapse vulnerability.

  • Diego Contreras, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
    diegoc[at], Web Page
    Research interests: Representation of information in corticothalamic networks. Epilepsy.

  • Robert DeRubeis, Professor and Chair of Psychology
    derubeis[at], Web Page
    Research interests: The role of cognition in emotion, especially in abnormal emotional states, the nature and determinants of judgments that participate in emotional reactions, and characterize more precisely their role in emotional states. Also trying to uncover the change processes that occur in cognitive therapy, a treatment that exploits the connection between conscious thoughts and emotional states.

  • Mark Elliott, Assistant Professor of Radiology
    Research interests: Primarily interested in technique development for functional (i.e. neuronal activity) imaging. Presently focusing on the integration of near-infrared imaging and fMRI.

  • David Embick, Assistant Professor of Linguistics
    embick[at]; Web Page
    Research interests: Theoretical linguistic, language and the brain, functional neuroimaging of language.

  • Diego Fernandez Duque, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Villanova University
    diego.fernandezduque[at]; Web Page
    Research interests: Attention and executive function in dementia and stroke; metacognition.

  • Leif Finkel, Professor of Bioengineering
    leif[at]; Web Page
    Research interests: Modeling of perceptual computations in early visual cortex.

  • Marcos Frank,Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
    Research interests: Systems neuroscience approach to sleep function with special emphasis on synaptic plasticity and neural development studied with electrophysiology and intrinsic signal optical imaging in vivo.

  • James Gee, Associate Professor of Radiology

  • Joshua Gold, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
    jigold[at]; Web Page
    Research interests: How the brain forms decisions about sensory stimuli: What are the underlying neural computations? Where are the circuits that perform these computations? How are these circuits shaped by experience?

  • Raquel Gur, Professor of Psychiatry
    raquel[at]; Web Page
    Research interests: Cognition and emotional processing in schizophrenia: age and gender as modulating factors. The application of endophenotypes in genetic studies of schizophrenia; cognition, emotion; structural and functional brain measures.

  • Ruben Gur, Professor of Psychology
    gur[at]; Web Page
    Research interests: Study of brain and behavior in healthy people and patients with brain disorders, with a special emphasis on exploiting neuroimaging as experimental probes.

  • Gary Hatfield, Seybert Professor of Philosophy
    hatfield[at]; Web Page
    Research interests: Philosophy of psychology and philosophy of perception; especially the status of qualia, the structur of explanation in psychology, and the mind-brain relation.

  • Daniel Langleben, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
    langlebe[at]; Web Page
    Research interests: Imaging of cue-induced drug craving. Imaging of deception and related processing. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

  • Mark Liberman, Trustee Professor of Phonetics, Department of Linguistics
    myl[at]; Web Page
    Research interests: Phonology and phonetics of lexical tone, and its relationship to intonation; gestural, prosodic, morphological and syntactic ways of marking focus, and their use in discourse; formal models of linguistic annotation; information retrieval and information extraction from text.

  • Nadine Martin, Associate Scientist of Neurology, Temple University
    nmartin[at]; Web Page
    Research interests: Cognitive and neuropsychological/physiological aspects of word processing; verbal short-term memory and verbal learning; development of therapeutic approaches to acquired impairments of word processing abilities.

  • Stephen J. Morse, Ferdinand Wakeman Hubbell Professor of Law
    smorse[at]; Web Page
    Expertise: Criminal law and mental health law

  • Nora Newcombe, Professor of Psychology, Temple University
    newcombe[at]; Web Page
    Research interests: Spatial cognition, especially spatial development, the origins of individual differences, and the fostering of spatial competence in education. Memory development especially episodic and autobiographical memory.

  • Allen Osman, Research Assistant Professor of Psychology
    Research interests: Motor imagery.

  • Marc Schmidt, Assistant Professor of Biology
    marcschm[at]; Web Page
    Research interests: Neural bases of vocal production and perception in songbirds. Particularly interested in studying the relationship between behavioral state and auditory processing in forebrain song control centers. Ultimate goal is to understand the computational rules in transforming auditory input signals into motor output during the vocal learning process.

  • P. Thomas Schoenemann, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
    ptschoen[at]; Web Page
    Research interests: Evolution of brain and behavior. Associations between brain morphology and behavioral/cognitive ability. Comparative studies of brain morphology across species. Theoretical models of behavioral evolution.

  • Myrna Schwartz, Associate Director, Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute
    mschwart[at]; Web Page
    Research interests: Theoretical and applied studies of aphasia and apraxia.

  • Robert Seyfarth, Professor of Psychology
    seyfarth[at]; Web Page
    Research interests: Social behavior, communication and cognition in non-human primates.

  • John Trueswell, Associate Professor of Psychology
    trueswel[at]; Web Page
    Research interests: How adults and children rapidly interpret language in real-time, as it is being perceived.

  • Lyle Ungar, Associate Professor of Computer and Information Science
    ungar[at]; Web Page
    Research interests: The genetic basis of schizophrenia and related diseases; bioinformatics; why computers are autistic.

  • Michael Weisberg, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
    weisberg[at]; Web Page
    Research interests: Modeling methodology, synthesis and analysis of neurochemicals, evolutionary theory, philosophy of science.

  • Paul Root Wolpe, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Medical Ethics, & Sociology
    Research interests: Ethical and social issues in neuroscience, therapeutics, and neurotechnology.




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