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Postdoctoral Fellows and Grad Students

Postdoctoral Fellows
Grad Students

Postdoctoral Fellows

Name Email Advisor
Elisabeth Karuza elisabeth.karuza[at] Thompson-Schill
Heath Matheson heathericmatheson[at] Thompson-Schill
Anna Leshinskaya anna.leshinskaya[at] Thompson-Schill
John Medaglia johnmedaglia[at] Thompson-Schill
Andrew Bock bock.andrew[at] Aguirre
Steven Marchette stmar[at] Epstein
Michael Bonner michafra[at] Epstein
Maria Olkkonen   Epstein
Anja Jamrozik jamrozik[at] Chatterjee
Steven Weisberg smweis[at] Chatterjee
Marguerite McQuire mcquire[at]


Jonathan Peelle jonate[at] Grossman
Yune- Sang Lee yslee[at] Grossman
Karl Healey healeym[at] Kahana
Lynn Lohnas lyj[at] Kahana
Max Merkow maxwell.merkow[at] Kahana
Joe McGuire   Kable
Karin Cox coxk[at] Kable
Matt Nassar   Kable
Marta Vidorreta martavid[at] Detre
Randall Stafford   Detre
Sudipto Dolui sudiptod[at] Detre

Grad Students

Name Email Advisor
Sarah Solomon Thompson-Schill
Lisa Musz muszeliz[at]


Nathan Tardiff ntardiff[at] Thompson-Schill
Ariana Familiar afam[at] Thompson-Schill
Marcelo Gomes Mattar matter[at] Aguirre
Cathy Norise   Hamilton
Amy Price amyroseprice[at] Grossman
Betty Kim bettyek[at] Kable
Marieta Pehivanova marieta[at] Kable
Trishala Parthasarathi trishala[at] Kable
Linda Yu lindaqyu[at] Kable
Arthur Lee  


Bryan Moore bryan.moore[at] Kahana
Ashwin Ramayya ramayya[at] Kahana
Chris Cascio ccascio[at] Falk
Kristen Schumaker kshumaker[at] Falk
Minji Kim mkim[at] Falk
Jiaying Liu jliu[at] Falk
Christin Scholz cscholz[at] Falk
Elisa Baek ebaek[at] Falk

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University of Pennsylvania

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