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July 2013 - Can Adderall Save the Boomers? Philadelphia Magazine
3/23/2013 - Sinister Bias in Calling Soccer Fouls. Real Clear Science
2/2013 - Adderall: The "Get Ahead" Drug. Self
5/20/2011 - After brain damage, the creative juices flow for some. The Los Angeles Times
4/25/2011 - Adults who claim to have ADHD? 1 in 4 may be faking it. MSNBC
4/16/2011 - The Psychology of Cheating. The New York Times.
12/5/2010 - Can you measure beauty? Post-Gazette.
12/1/2010 - Is It Just Us, Or Are Kids Getting Really Stupid? Philadelphia Magazine.
10/1/2010 - What’s She Taking: Generation RX. Glamour
9/10/2010 - Brain-age scans seen as potential gauge of child development. The Washington Post.
7/29/2010 - A Clue to Referee Bias? freakonomics
7/28/2010 - Football fouls more likely to be given when play heads left. British Psychological Society (Research Digest).
7/12/2010 - Referees' Calls May Get Lost in Their Translation. The New York Times.
7/12/2010 - Hey, ref! How do you read it? Scoring World Cup bias. The Philadelphia Inquirer.
7/12/2010 - World Cup Science: Referee More Likely to Call Right-to-Left Fouls. Time.
7/8/2010 - When Soccer Goes Left, Fouls May Be Right Behind. Wired (Playbook).
7/8/2010 - Soccer Refs Subconsciously Call More Fouls on Plays to the Left. Wired (News).
7/8/2010 - 'Sinister Motion' May Bias Soccer Referees. Science.
7/8/2010 - Fouls Go Left: Soccer Referees May Be Biased Based on Play's Direction of Motion. Science Daily.
7/8/2010 - Referees' calls biased by direction of play. Telegraph (UK).
7/8/2010 - Direction Matters! ABC News This Morning (Detroit).
6/19/2009 - Ritalin backed as brain-booster BBC
4/27/2009 - Brain Gain The New Yorker.
12/15/2008 - Can a Pill Make You Smarter? Marie Claire
6/3/2008 - The Science of Sarcasm (Not That You Care) New York Times.
4/9/2008 - Professionals Use Drugs to Sharpen Their Minds, Survey Finds Washington Post
3/9/2008 - Brain Enhancement Is Wrong, Right? The New York Times.
5/14/2007 - Smart drugs for straight As Times
8/23/2005 - Drug May Be a Help to the Sleep Deprived NPR
11/06/2004 - Brain-boosting "cosmetic neurology" on the horizon Seattle Times
10/05/2004 - The Possibility of Cosmetic Surgery for the Soul The New York Times.
9/10/12 - Arts & The Mind | The Art of Connection PBS
4/18/10 - Are Better Brains Better? Cosmetic Neurology and the Ethics of Enhancement Haverford
1/5/2010 - UPenn Center for Neuroscience & Society YouTube
4/13/2009 - Penn Media Seminar on Neuroscience and Society YouTube
5/19/2011 - Anjan Chatterjee on neuroethics, cosmetic neurology and neuromarketing BrainEthics Podcast
1/17/2010 - PODCAST: The Neuropsychology of Art The Beautiful Brain.
"Path and Manner are Forever" - A parody on James Bond films produced by members of the lab [Video]