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CNS Keynote Speech Art of Connection PBS Cosmetic Neurology Haverford College UPenn Center for Neuroscience and Society Penn Media Seminar on Neuroscience and Society
Intelligence Squared Debates: 11/2/15
College Students Should Be Allowed To Take Smart Drugs
SCI TV: 4/15/15
The Brain, Smart Drugs, and Sports
Cognitive Neuroscience Society: 4/13/15
The Neuroscience of Aesthetics and Art | CNS 2015 Keynote Address
PBS: 9/10/12
Arts and The Mind | The Art of Connection PBS
Haverford: 4/18/10
Are Better Brains Better? Cosmetic Neurology and the Ethics of Enhancement
YouTube: 1/5/2010
UPenn Center for Neuroscience & Society
YouTube: 4/13/2009
Penn Media Seminar on Neuroscience and Society

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WHYY RadioTimes (11/16/2015) - Smart Drugs.

UX Podcast (10/21/2015) - Anjan Chatterjee interview at #InteractLDN 2015.

KERA's Think: NPR (09/23/2015) - Why The Brain Likes Beauty.

The Economist Podcast (12/25/2013) - Why we find things beautiful: In the brain of the beholder.

BrainEthics Podcast (5/19/2011) - Anjan Chatterjee on neuroethics, cosmetic neurology and neuromarketing.

The Beautiful Brain Podcast (1/17/2010) - The Neuropsychology of Art.

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"Path and Manner are Forever" - A parody on James Bond films produced by members of the lab.